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Residential Landscape Services

Retaining Walls


Retaining systems are used for many different applications.

Perhaps your home has a sloping grade in the backyard that you wish to level off around the house or backyard, or maybe just to enhance the beauty of a landscaped bed, a retaining system can help!

There are many different kinds of retaining systems to choose from:

  • Landscape Ties
  • Brick
  • Inter-Locking Pavers
  • Stone

All of them can provide the solution to your needs. WonderGro installs only the finest materials from Unilock, AllanBlock, and more to provide you with a lasting retaining system that is done right the first time.

All of the products used allow for curvatures in design to create a masterpiece of beauty.

Contact WonderGro today for a free retaining system consultation. Learn about the best option for your landscaping needs.