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Residential Landscape Services

Property Cleanup & Mulching

Spring is a time of rebirth and reawakening from a long Northeast Ohio winter's nap. Getting out into the fresh air revitalizes you as well as your plants. Allow WonderGro to enhance your property with cleaning things up - you will be rewarded with a healthier and more vigorous landscape and it will do wonders for your overall façade.

Spring / Summer Property Cleanup

  • Clear yard & bed areas of accumulated debris and vegetation
  • Rake lawn area from winter damage
  • Trimming of all plant material
  • Pruning of ornamentals
  • Complete bed maintenance with weed control
  • Power edge all beds, walks and drive
  • Removal of all debris

Mulch Installation Options

  • Black Dyed Hard Wood Double Processed Mulch
  • Red Dyed Hard Wood Double Processed Mulch
  • Brown Natural Hard Wood Double Processed Mulch
  • Premium Snapshot Applications with any Mulch

Be the envy of your neighbors – beautify your beds and overall curb appeal with a property cleanup and mulch installation.

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