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Commerical Lawn Services

Commercial Property Maintenace


Individual Property Maintenance

Our Property Maintenance division works closely with each client to insure that each property is manicured to the customer's satisfaction.

  • We have strict smoke-free policy and we have required uniforms to present a professional and clean appearance while at your property.
  • Weekly Individual property Maintenance

    Weekly property maintenance goes beyond mowing the lawn. Proper property maintenance is a multi-step process including:

    • All grass clippings will be removed from dives, walkways, entrance ways, and parking areas.
    • All drives and walkways will be power edged weekly.
    • All bed areas, utilities, and natural obstacles will be trimmed around weekly.
    • All turf and ornamental trees and shrubs will be checked monthly for disease or fungus development.
    • WonderGro will spray walkways, certain rock bed areas, and entrance ways to prevent weed development.
    • Bed Maintenance will be performed on an as needed basis with weed control applications.
    • Fall leaf removal services will be performed as necessary. 

    Superior services set us apart, and they'll set your company’s lawn apart too.